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''Charles Carson shows each and every unique feature of his great poetic skills, offering in his work a breath of life, his own life. Prof that Carson has worked his way toward artistic posterity came on the day that we started saying 'It 's a Carson in the same way that we proclaim 'It's a Picasso, a Matisse, a Warhol, a Basquiat ' or any other immortal artist.''

Christian Sorriano
Fine Art and Antiquities expert
President of Drouot Cotation, Paris

This is ''Carsonism''
By Victor Forbes

Fine Art Magazine cover - Spring 2009 - featured Carson and Heroes of Creativity
Riding the bone-chilling north wind into New York City on his 2009 world tour, Charles Carson motored down the New York State Thruway from his home in the province of Quebec, Canada, roaring in like a March lion with a truckload of paintings to display in the glass cathedral known as the Jacob Javits Convention Center. Here, for the past 20 years New York's largest art fair has been a late winter tradition. All told, many thousands have introduced their work to American art buying public at Artexpo. Few alive, however, can boast of an art movement christened with their surname, as in Carsonism - a fascinating pictorial language of painterly writing imbued with magnificent colors and patterns; an active meditation of original ideas.

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Fine Art Magazine - Spring 2009 - USA - Carson to the ism
Fine Art Magazine - Spring 2009 - USA - Page couverture - Charles Carson - Heroes of creativity

Fine Art Magazine - Spring 2009 - USA

Charles Carson « Heroes of creativity »

Carson to the ism

The brilliant analysis of «Carsonism» proposed in the FineArt magazine allows collectors to discover an angle that only experimented writers and the bold view points of Jamie Ellin Forbes & Victor Bennet Forbes could reveal. A true literary jewel. On the front page, as part of the creative heros, we find Charles Carson. This text extract will certainly motivate you to want to meet the artist, he will be present from February 26th to March 2nd 2009.
“In a mosaic technique work like «Vibrations florales» there is so much happening. How does one consolidate miniscule droplets of floral energy into such a complex solution of color? He is not revealing any secrets, any more than you would know if Pollock had a plan when he dripped all that paint, or if Vincent knew exactly where he was going when he produced the first star in Starry Night. No one can say for sure, but what Carson does share with the aforementioned artists is total devotion to painting.”

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Periodico "The Arts" The Colombian Post, Miami USA

(Versión inglés solamente)

The Arts

The Colombian Post, Miami
Dec. 26, 1997

International Painter Charles Carson, Freshness and liveliness of the Palette

"Charles Carson is not a non-figurative painter within the meaning of this term. His painting must be viewed as a detailed group of everyday things, some of which are immediately obvious while others can only be discovered after contemplation."

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